Rising The Beautiful Moth Orchid

Orchid flowers are fascinating; each is really a murals. This information gives important suggestions for phalaenopsis orchid care, serving to you retain yours wholesome, lengthen the blooms, and encourage reblooming.

Caring for these lovely vegetation will not be as laborious as it’s possible you’ll suppose. They’re the best orchids to develop as houseplants. I used to stay in Santa Barbara, CA, the place many orchid-growing greenhouses are situated. A few of these phalaenopsis orchid care suggestions got here straight from the growers themselves.

Botanic Identify: Phalaenopsis Orchid.   Widespread Identify: Moth Orchid

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Phalaenopsis Orchid Care & Rising Information

Close up of beautiful raspberry & white speckled phalaenopsis orchids.
Are these not attractive?!!


Once I labored for a florist in San Francisco many moons in the past, phalaenopsis orchids (we referred to as them “phals”) had been out there in white, pink, and lavender-colors. My, how instances have modified!

They’re now grown in lots of extra colours, variegations, and colour combos. As talked about within the video, Westerlay Orchids has the favored Gemstone Sequence, so you possibly can even pick your favourite jewel-tone colour.

Gone are the times when you could possibly solely discover these beauties in a flower store. Now, they’re offered in grocery shops (Dealer Joe’s and Sprouts all the time have a wide selection), huge field shops, and, after all, some backyard facilities and florists. 

How lengthy do Phalaenopsis flowers final?

If you would like a plant with a long-lasting bloom time, purchase one with extra buds than open flowers. The buds will open regularly over time. The person flowers final a few month, relying on the circumstances. A flower stem with many buds can bloom for months if the circumstances are proper.

At the start of January, I introduced my good friend a mini-phalaenopsis (you possibly can see one additional down the web page) as a present. I used to be over at her home on the finish of April, and it was nonetheless blooming.

The hotter your own home is, the shorter the bloom interval might be. Preserve your orchid flowers out of the direct solar; it’s not good for the plant and can shorten the bloom.

Close up of large white phalaenopsis orchid moth orchid flowers with deep rose centers.
My goodness, extra gorgeous orchid flowers!

Gentle Necessities

Be certain that your phalaenopsis is uncovered to as brilliant mild as potential with out being within the scorching, direct solar. They’ll burn very quickly flat if uncovered to direct daylight in a south or west window, particularly in the summertime.  

Consider a greenhouse or conservatory with numerous pure mild coming from all instructions, however the glass is whitewashed to diffuse the direct rays of the solar—that’s the publicity they love.

Nevertheless, you could have to maneuver it within the darker winter months to get extra mild. 

Phalaenopsis Orchid Watering

Orchids are epiphytes, which implies they develop on different vegetation, items of bark, rock, and so forth. They don’t develop in soil, and their roots are an anchoring mechanism.

In brief, you need to water them and let the water drain out fully. If yours has gone bone dry, it’s possible you’ll need to soak it in a pail or bowl for a couple of minutes, ensuring all water drains out. 

If rising in pots, they will need to have drainage holes so the surplus water can move out. An excessive amount of water increase will trigger root rot. By way of temperature, I’ve all the time used room temperature water. I’m not a proponent of utilizing ice cubes to water orchids, however some persons are. That’s your alternative!

Benches full of blue phalaenopsis orchids moth orchids in a grower's greenhouse.
Listed here are a few of the color-infused Gemstone Assortment at Westerlay Orchids. This colour isn’t pure – they’re white orchids dyed in jewel tones. By the best way, the colour will revert again to white with subsequent blooms.
Orchids Rising In Moss vs. Bark

Orchids grown in bark will dry out quicker than these in sphagnum moss, which holds the water.  If yours is rising in bark, then you definitely need to water it each 7-14 days. If it grows in moss, water it each 14-21 days.  

The frequency relies on your own home’s surroundings, the time of 12 months, pot measurement/sort, and rising medium. I favor to develop my orchids in bark as a result of I’ve a a lot simpler time getting the watering proper. Moss stays moist, however when it dries out, it actually dries out!

Like my different houseplants, I again down on the watering frequency within the winter.

Observe: My good friend in Oakland, CA, has been rising these orchids for over ten years. She soaks hers in a bowl of heat water with a diluted quantity of orchid fertilizer each different week for 90 seconds. That’s it; no high watering. It should be working as a result of the vast majority of them are nonetheless alive, they usually repeat flower yearly!


There’s a nice focus of phalaenopsis orchid growers alongside the central coast of California (the place I used to stay) as a result of the temperatures are comparatively even.  And, it cools down within the night, which is one thing else they love.  

The best temperature for Phals is 60 to 75 levels F. Remember to hold them away from air conditioners, heaters, and scorching or chilly drafts.  

 As a result of they’re epiphytes, in addition they respect good air circulation. I lived about eight blocks from the ocean and had my home windows open for 7-8 months out of the 12 months.  That meant my phals bought the humidity and the air they love.

I now stay within the Arizona desert, the place the humidity is 14% as we speak. These orchids like excessive humidity ranges (60 to 70%), so rising them right here for the lengthy haul is a problem. 

Clearly, a climate-controlled greenhouse is right. If the air in your house is just too dry, you could have to place your orchid on a tray of pebbles stuffed with water to extend the humidity. Be certain that the underside of the pot or any thick, fleshy roots don’t sit straight in water. Operating a small humidifier close by or misting your plant each couple of days may assist. 

Many beautiful yellow & lavender phalaenopsis orchids moth orchids in a grower's greenhouse.
Extra orchids are within the greenhouses at Westerlay, and you’ll see how intently they’re grown.


Orchids don’t develop in soil, in order that they have to be fed.  Bark, moss, or orchid combine doesn’t present any of the vitamins they want.

The growers I’ve talked to suggest a water-soluble balanced fertilizer like 20-20-20 ( you too can use 20-10-20, 15-15-15, or 12-12-12) for the home-owner as a result of the timing of bloom-time/non-bloom-time orchid fertilizers might be very tough. No matter you select, remember to use it at 1/2 energy and feed your phals each 14 to 30 days.  

I discussed this above, however in case you missed it, my good friend in Oakland, CA, has been rising phals for over ten years. She soaks hers in a bowl of heat water with a diluted quantity of orchid fertilizer (the identical as I take advantage of) each different week for 90 seconds. That’s it; no high watering. It should be working as a result of they repeat flower yearly. 

To not be a damaged report, however be certain the fertilizer completely drains out as a result of the build-up of salts could cause the roots to burn. I take advantage of this orchid fertilizer, which the grower additionally makes use of.


Phalaenopsis orchid vegetation don’t have plenty of foliage, so there’s not a lot pruning to do. You’ll be able to prune off the occasional lifeless or yellow leaves as wanted.

A magenta colored mini phalaenopsis orchid moth orchid in a grower's tray.
It is a mini Phalaenopsis. There are plenty of flowers coming from that tiny pot!

Pruning for Re-Bloom

There are various opinions on prune the flower stem for re-bloom, so I’ll simply share what I’ve discovered and executed. 

Most growers get re-bloom from their Phalaenopsis Orchids in 6-9 months.  Mine usually re-bloomed nearer to the 9-month mark. The upper up you prune the stem, the earlier it’ll flower once more.  

One of the best time to prune is after blooming when new development is showing. Some individuals prune the flower stalk right down to 1 node above the foliage, which is okay, nevertheless it takes longer for the stem to re-grow.  I prune simply above the node beneath the place the very 1st flower appeared.

My good friend, whom I discussed above, doesn’t prune her stems in any respect (except they flip brown, then she cuts them off) and routinely will get them rebloom, generally twice a 12 months. As I stated, there are alternative ways to do that!

By the best way, in case your phal doesn’t re-bloom, the most typical purpose is that it doesn’t have sufficient mild. Feeding them is essential, too, so remember to work that into your care routine.

Potting Medium

Phals are epihytes, which means they don’t develop within the floor; they principally develop connected to different vegetation. Their potting combine should be chunky, have good drainage, and forestall root rot. They’re additionally grown in moss, however the watering might be trickier to get proper.

When repotting, I typically use orchid bark with pumice added in.   I’ve used this orchid potting combine; this combine and this one are extremely rated, and all are prepared to make use of.

Close up of beautiful lavender/white phalaenopsis orchid moth orchid flowers.


The time to repot your moth orchid is quickly after flowering. Don’t repot it whereas in bloom. 

No matter new pot you employ, be certain it has loads of drainage holes so the water can freely move out. Particular pots designed for orchids embrace this clay one, this plastic one, this picket one, and this ceramic one.

Once I was rising these orchids, I repotted them each two to 3 years. 


Moth orchids are prone to mealybugs and scale. Preserve your eyes open for aphids and spider mites

Pests typically journey from one houseplant to a different, so figuring out plant pests and taking motion is essential to get them beneath management.

Pet Security

Are Phalaenopsis Orchids poisonous to cats and canines? Ring the bells! In line with the ASPCA web site, they’re deemed non-toxic.

Many phalaenopsis orchids moth orchids in a grower's greenhouse.
A sea of orchids; certainly one of every, please!

Orchid Roots

Your phalaenopsis orchid will most likely have a few of its roots rising out of the pot.  It’s not as a result of the orchid is pot-bound – these are the air (or aerial) roots reaching for one thing to seize onto.  They’re epiphytes and, in nature, develop on different vegetation. These wandering, spider-like roots are what anchor them and assist them soak up moisture from the air.

In case your orchid has loads of roots, you possibly can reduce a few them off in the event that they’re bothering you. Do the identical with the lifeless and dried ones. 

How To Show Your Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant

Some show concepts embrace an ornamental orchid pot, kokedama, a plastic orchid pot inside an ornamental pot (that is how a lot of the shops promote them), in a wooden orchid basket, on a chunk of wooden or bark, or as a part of a tablescape show.

A white phalaenopsis orchid decorated for christmas to be used as a table display.
I made this for a Christmas show one 12 months. Orchid vegetation final for much longer than reduce flowers.

Moth Orchid FAQs

How do you retain Phalaenopsis Orchids blooming? 

The blooming cycle runs about each 9 months. It’s potential your orchid will flower twice a 12 months. A cheerful and wholesome orchid will repeat bloom for a few years. The correct amount of sunshine, common fertilizing, correct watering, and repotting when essential will guarantee this.

How lengthy do Phalaenopsis Orchids final?

Many individuals purchase their phalaenopsis orchid in bloom after which toss it as soon as it’s bloomed. Nevertheless, an orchid plant stored wholesome and correctly cared for can stay a few years (20 or extra). 

How do you take care of Phalaenopsis Orchids after flowering?

For what to do with the flower stem, learn “Pruning For Rebloom.” I take care of my plant the identical approach after flowering as I do when it’s flowering, following all the ideas listed above. 

Phalaenopsis Orchid Care Video Information:

This was shot within the greenhouses at Westerlay Orchids in Carpenteria, CA. It’s proper off Freeway 101 and positively price a go to.

Conclusion: Even if these lovely orchids appear fairly unique to some, they’re simple houseplants.   They are often in bloom for over three months with correct care, making them fairly a discount in comparison with reduce flowers.  The Phalaenopsis has change into America’s favourite orchid.  I like the numerous several types of orchids, so it’s a tricky alternative for me.  I say, the extra orchids, the higher!

Completely happy Gardening,

Signed by Nell Foster

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