Learn how to Develop Trailing Geranium Flowers Indoors

Ivy geraniums are eye-catching for his or her lengthy, trailing stems studded with ivy-shaped leaves. And on the subject of showers of splashy blooms, this sun-loving magnificence is in a category by itself. Give it slightly care (it is easy!), and you will get pleasure from flowers for months on finish. You may wish to put this ivy leaf geranium in a dangling basket to point out it off. 

Right here you may uncover how one can get probably the most blooms, when to water and fertilize, plus how one can overwinter your plant.

ivy geranium, Pelargonium peltatumPink-and-white blooms make this ivy geranium a knock-out container plant. Picture: PollyDot

Get to Know Ivy Leaf Geraniums

This ivy leaf geranium sports activities clusters of alluring flowers, however the 5-lobed foliage that cowl its lengthy, slender stems is showy in itself. Its leaves look just like English ivy, however with rounded edges. Considerably fleshy, they’re about 2 to 2-3/4 inches broad.

How large does ivy geranium get? Its weak, sprawling stems will path as much as 3 ft (90 cm).

You’ll be able to practice the stems to climb, if you would like. Climbing geraniums look stunning on a trellis inserted into the pot.

Recognized botanically as Pelargonium peltatum, this fascinating perennial is native to South Africa. The named varieties are hybrids, and supply a wide selection of beautiful colours.

Ivy Geranium Varieties

New varieties supply a wide selection. Ivy geranium colours could also be white, pink, lavender, purple, orange, salmon, purple or burgundy. Historically single, 5-petaled flowers, many more recent cultivars have semidouble or double blooms. Some are bicolored and patterned.

You may discover geranium hanging basket crops on the market in spring and summer time. Search for Pelargonium peltatum to make sure you are getting this ivy leaf geranium. ‘Galilee’ sports activities variegated leaves and rose-pink flowers. ‘L’Elegante’ is a well-liked selection with leaves edged in creamy white and a tinge of pink. ‘Rouletta’ has red-and-white blooms. ‘Mauve Magnificence’ has double flowers that seem like small rose blossoms.

ivy geranium, Pelargonium peltatumCrinkled Pelargonium leaves are upstaged by beautiful flowers. Picture: Erich Westendarp

Caring for Ivy Geranium 12 months-Spherical

Pinch and prune. Pinch off new stems often to encourage branching and to form them as they develop. Deadhead spent flowers to maintain your plant trying neat and to advertise extra blooms. Pruning geraniums again laborious in spring will maintain them compact.

Repot in spring. Ivy geranium blooms finest if barely pot-bound. Transfer your plant to a pot 1-2 inches (2.5-5 cm) bigger whenever you see roots rising via the drainage holes. Or maintain it in the identical pot and simply give it contemporary potting combine.

Give it a winter relaxation. Overwinter geraniums in a cool basement or storage with a minimal temperature of fifty°F/10°C. Water sparingly and cease fertilizing throughout this winter relaxation.

ivy geranium, ivy leaf geraniumPicture istockphoto

Ivy Geranium Plant Care Suggestions

Mild: Shiny gentle to full solar. Give your ivy leaf geranium as a lot gentle as you may spring via fall. Transfer it outdoor for the summer time, in case you like. Simply convey it again inside when the temperature drops beneath 50°F/10°C. This can be a tender perennial that does not just like the chilly.

Water: Maintain soil evenly moist, not soggy. Permit the highest 1-inch (2.5 cm) of soil to dry between waterings. Reduce on watering in winter, however do not enable the soil to dry out utterly.

Humidity: Common room (round 40-50% relative humidity). Use a cool-mist room humidifier to extend moisture across the plant.

Temperature: Cool nights (55-60°F/13-16°C) and heat days (65-75°F/18-24°C) will set off flower buds.

Soil: Peat moss-based soilless combine. 

Fertilizer: To get probably the most blooms, feed each 3 weeks with a high-phosphorus fertilizer solely whereas the ivy geranium is budding and flowering. Excessive-nitrogen fertilizers given to younger crops will convey a whole lot of foliage progress, however few flowers. 

Propagation: Take stem cuttings in spring and root in contemporary potting combine. Geraniums are straightforward to develop from seeds, too. Sow seeds in early spring.

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