The Fundamentals of Succulent Care (FAQs)

Succulents are best houseplants for novices and anybody who needs low upkeep greenery of their houses. Succulent care is comparatively straightforward however newcomers nonetheless have plenty of questions. Let’s go over indoor succulent care fundamentals and reply your FAQs.

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Indoor Succulent Care: Solutions To FAQS

A succulent garden in a terra cotta bowl sits on a dining room table the text reads indoor succulent care basics.

Selecting The Proper Succulents

What succulents do properly indoors?

Jade Crops, Aloe Vera, Snake Crops, Ponytail Palms, Christmas Cacti, Flowering Kalanchoes, Calandivas, Haworthias, and Gasterias have confirmed finest for me. String Of Pearls are very fashionable, however individuals have issues rising them. String Of Bananas is the same plant that’s simpler to maintain alive indoors.

Which succulents are best to look after indoors, particularly for novices?

The vast majority of succulents are straightforward to look after. Nevertheless, an excessive amount of water and too little gentle may cause them to die. See the above reply.

What are the very best succulent crops for low gentle circumstances?

No succulents will do properly in low gentle. I’ve discovered that Snake Crops, Haworthias, and Gasterias are the very best bets in decrease gentle conditions. There are lots of completely different sorts of Snake Crops and Haworthias to select from. Gasterias do nice indoors, however they’re a bit tougher to seek out.

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A variety of succulents are planted in a shallow clay pot that sits atop a kitchen counter.

Mild Necessities

How a lot daylight do indoor succulents want?

They like plenty of gentle. Full solar is ok so long as it’s not direct, and a sunny spot is nice if it’s not in a scorching window.

What are the indicators that my succulent wants extra gentle?

If a succulent isn’t getting sufficient gentle, it’ll turn out to be thinner, weaker, and ultimately leggy. The foliage can be smaller and paler. It is going to develop in direction of the closest gentle supply, giving it that “Leaning Tower of Pisa” look.

Can indoor succulents be positioned close to home windows with completely different orientations (north, south, east, west)?

Brilliant oblique gentle is finest. Extended publicity to direct daylight will burn them. You wish to maintain your succulents out of a west—or south-facing window. I reside in sunny, scorching Tucson, AZ, and maintain my succulents not less than 2′ away from this publicity. A north—or east-facing window is ok for my succulents.

What are the results of an excessive amount of daylight on indoor succulents?

Succulent leaves and stems will burn. Gentle sunburn can be whitish in colour, whereas an intense burn can be brown.

Ought to I rotate my indoor succulents for even progress?

Most indoor crops don’t obtain gentle on all sides as a result of they develop near a wall. So sure, rotating your succulents each couple of months is a good suggestion. 

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A woman's hands are shown holding a long nozzle water bottle watering a Haworthia succulent and a white decorative pots.

Watering Succulents

How typically ought to I water my indoor succulents?

With regards to succulents, much less water is best than extra water! I can’t provide you with a selected schedule as a result of many variables come into play. The entire information beneath will enable you to out.

How do I forestall overwatering my succulents?

An excessive amount of water will do in a succulent quick. Let the soil dry out earlier than watering once more. Make certain they’re planted in succulent combine, and the pots have drainage holes so extra water can move out. 

What are the indicators of overwatering succulents?

Succulent leaves are agency. If overwatered, they’ll flip tender and mushy. Additionally, they will flip translucent and pale, in addition to yellow and/or brown.

Is it okay to mist my succulents between waterings?

No. Their fleshy leaves don’t want it, and it might trigger the soil to remain too moist. Save the spray bottle in your tropical crops!

What are the very best practices for watering succulents in winter?

It’s finest to scale back watering frequency through the winter months. The times are shorter and darker, and the soil doesn’t dry out as quick.

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What are the temperature necessities for indoor succulents?

I grew many succulents outdoor in my Santa Barbara backyard. I’ve about ten pots of them rising in my Tucson backyard. They will deal with a variety of temperatures, ideally above 40F and beneath 90F. They’ll do advantageous temperature-wise in your house.

Can succulents survive in air-conditioned environments?

My dwelling within the Arizona desert is air conditioned for roughly 4 months annually. I maintain the thermostat set anyplace from 77F to 80F. They’ll be advantageous except you retain your private home or workplace at chilly temperatures year-round. 

What’s the best humidity degree for indoor succulents?

Most succulents are native to dry climates. I don’t know their best humidity, however they deal with the low humidity in my dwelling simply advantageous.

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Ought to I fertilize my indoor succulents, and the way typically?

Succulents aren’t needy, however they’d respect the nutrient enhance. In the course of the rising season is the very best time to do it. 
How typically you feed your succulents is determined by what fertilizer you’re utilizing and your local weather. I reside in a sunny local weather with a protracted rising season. Throughout this era, I feed my succulents month-to-month (seven occasions). Two to 3 occasions is likely to be advantageous in your succulents and rising zone.

What kind of fertilizers are finest for succulents?

I like a water-soluble fertilizer, both liquid or granular. I don’t use a particular fertilizer; I take advantage of the identical ones I take advantage of for all my different houseplants.

A woman is pruning back a succulent using Fisker pruners.


How do I management the expansion of indoor succulents?

Pruning is the very best methodology. The way you prune a succulent is determined by the sort and what you wish to obtain.

What instruments do I want for pruning indoor succulents?

I take advantage of my Felco pruners or my Fiskar micro pruners, relying on the thickness of the stem.

Can I prune all kinds of indoor succulents the identical manner?

No. Some succulents received’t want any, and a few will. 

Are there particular occasions of the yr which can be finest for pruning indoor succulents?

Sure, through the rising season is finest. 

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Propagating Succulents

How do I propagate succulents indoors?

My two favourite methods are by stem cuttings in combine and by division.

How do I propagate succulents from leaves or cuttings?

Cuttings are a sooner manner. Leaf cuttings take for much longer. Verify the useful hyperlink beneath.

What’s the finest time of yr to propagate succulents?

Like pruning and fertilizing, spring and summer season into early fall is finest.

Can I propagate all kinds of succulents utilizing the identical strategies?

Stem and leaf cuttings and division can propagate most succulents. Analysis the succulent it’s a must to decide the very best methodology.

How lengthy does it take for propagated succulents to root and develop into new crops?

Usually, in terms of stem cuttings, I’ve discovered that it may take 4 weeks or extra for succulents to start to root. Some take shorter; some take longer.

Are there any particular care directions for newly propagated succulents?

Sure. Put them in a brilliant spot with plenty of gentle however no direct daylight. Hold them dry for 5 to seven days earlier than watering.

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Succulent Soil

What kind of soil is finest for indoor succulents?

Succulent soil wants good drainage and aeration. Utilizing the right combine ensures wholesome roots, which contribute to a wholesome plant. A combination formulated for succulents and cactus is finest.

Can I take advantage of common potting soil for succulents?

It’s finest to not. Common potting combine holds water, and succulents don’t like an excessive amount of moisture. Use a well-draining succulent soil combine. 

Can I take advantage of cactus combine for all succulents?

Sure, most of them are labeled as succulent and cactus combine.

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A woman is shown tying up the long trails of a string of pearls plant to be repotted in a hanging planter.


How do I do know if my indoor succulent wants repotting?

Listed here are some causes to repot: the soil is depleted or older than three to 4 years, the plant seems to be careworn and/or has stopped rising, the roots are rising out of the drain holes, it’s planted within the mistaken kind of soil, or there may be white salt buildup on the floor of the soil. 

What measurement pot ought to I select when repotting indoor succulents?

Succulents don’t thoughts rising tight of their pots. Usually, go up one pot measurement, as an example, from a 4″ pot to a 6″ pot. In the event you’re coping with a heavy Jade Plant or Aloe Vera, it can want a much bigger base to anchor it.

Can I reuse the identical potting combine when repotting succulents? 

If the soil combine isn’t older than two years and doesn’t look depleted, sure. You may take into account mixing in a little bit of compost so as to add vitamins. 

Are there any post-repotting care ideas I ought to observe for indoor succulents?

That is easy: I put the plant in a brilliant rising spot, let it settle in dry, and water it after 5 to seven days. Then, I resume care as ordinary!

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Issues Rising Succulents

How do I take care of pests on indoor succulents?

Succulents grown indoors are susceptible to pests, particularly mealybugs. They may also be susceptible to spider mites, scale, and aphids. If the infestation is delicate, a sprig with the kitchen faucet or backyard hose will do away with them. For heavier infestations, I take advantage of insecticidal cleaning soap. Click on on the hyperlink for every pest for more information.

How do I forestall etiolation in succulents?

Succulents love brilliant gentle. They’ll attain towards the sunshine supply in the event that they’re not getting sufficient. Transfer them to a spot with extra gentle to forestall this. If want be, rotate them to allow them to gentle on all sides.

Why is my succulent stretching or changing into leggy?

First cause, see the above reply. The second is the character of the succulent. For instance, kalanchoes and echeverias are likely to develop lengthy stems over time.

How do I forestall and deal with root rot in succulents?

Succulents received’t survive lengthy in soggy soil. The largest problem individuals have with rising succulents is an excessive amount of water. Make certain your succulents get sufficient gentle, are planted within the correct combine, and dry out between waterings. If the soil stays too moist, it’ll be susceptible to fungus gnats.

Why are my succulent leaves turning yellow?

Any plant will sometimes produce yellow leaves. It’s a part of its progress course of. 

Nevertheless, an extreme quantity of yellow leaves is an indication that the succulent isn’t joyful. The trigger may very well be overwatering, underwatering, an excessive amount of fertilizer, an excessive amount of gentle or not sufficient gentle, and/or poor soil drainage. Watering too typically is the commonest cause. You may take away any yellow leaves to maintain the plant trying good.

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Now Foster stands outside holding two kalanchoes, in pink and yellow in a turquoise top.
Calandivas & kalanchoes are well-liked blooming succulents. picture credit score: Meredith Amadee

Container Choice

How do I select the suitable measurement container for my succulents?

Most succulents prefer to develop tight of their pots. Make certain the pot you select isn’t too huge. An excessive amount of soil mass might result in root rot. It’s finest to have drainage holes on the underside of the pot so the surplus water can move out. 

In the event you’re coping with a bigger, heavier succulent, the bottom will have to be larger. The plant’s measurement and weight will decide the container’s measurement.

Can I develop succulents in terrariums?

They appear nice in terrariums, however no. Succulents want good airflow. I’d save the terrarium for crops that like excessive humidity and develop higher in that setting.

Can I develop succulents in glass containers with out drainage holes?

In the event you’re new to rising succulents, no. They want glorious drainage and to dry out between waterings.

Can I maintain several types of succulents in the identical pot?

Sure, you possibly can. Most succulents require the identical gentle necessities and are cared for equally. Some succulents will crowd the others out as they develop, and also you’ll must take away or repot them.

Can succulents be grown in hanging baskets?

They will. Those that path look nice in hanging baskets or on hanging cabinets. Examples are String Of Pearls, Burro’s Tail, String Of Bananas, String Of Hearts, String Of Dolphins, and Christmas Cactus. Right here’s a put up displaying you 7 Hanging Succulents.

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Two succulents are planted in terra-cotta clay face pots.

Displaying Succulents

Can I take advantage of gravel or rocks as a prime dressing for succulents?

Sure, you possibly can. It’s a pleasant look. Use a skinny layer and keep away from mounding it up in opposition to the bottom of the succulent. In the event you pile them on too thick, the soil will dry out slowly, which might result in root rot.

What are the very best methods to show succulents indoors?

There are lots of methods—succulents are enjoyable to play with! What’s essential is that succulents get sufficient gentle. This put up on completely different methods to hold succulents will encourage you. In the event you care to make a wreath, right here’s a succulent wreath DIY. They appear nice planted collectively in shallow planters.

Are there particular containers or planters that work finest for succulent shows?

Succulents develop in all kinds of containers. I feel they appear finest in clay and terracotta pots. They’re additionally suited to a dish backyard, low bowl, hanging pot, or hanging shelf. Simply ensure the containers aren’t too huge and use the right soil combine. Right here’s a put up on planters for indoor succulents to present you an concept of the range.

Are there seasonal or holiday-themed concepts for incorporating succulents into indoor decor?

Sure. Succulents work properly in indoor decor as a result of they maintain up significantly better and longer than reduce flowers and greenery. I’ve seen them utilized in Christmas and fall preparations and Easter and summer season decor. They’re very fashionable within the wedding ceremony enterprise and look stunning in bouquets. Right here’s a DIY on making Christmas succulent preparations in pots.

Try our succulents class for tons extra data on rising succulents indoors and outdoor.

Pet Security

Are there any poisonous succulents for pets?

Most houseplants are poisonous in a roundabout way. Some succulents are, and a few aren’t. This record of pet-safe succulents will enable you to out. Widespread non-toxic succulents embrace Christmas Cactus, Burro’s Tail, and Haworthias.

How do I shield my succulents from pets?

You may show them on surfaces up excessive, hanging cabinets, or hanging wall planters.

I’ve a big indoor succulent assortment and respect their straightforward, breezy nature. I hope this helps and will get you hooked on succulents, too!

Glad gardening,

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