Vegetation for a Higher Planet

Can vegetation actually save the planet? The presenters of this three-part course suppose so. with Richard Hawke, Sue Milliken, Kelly Dodson, and Kelly D. Norris

Earth-friendly gardening practices concentrate on minimizing the destructive affect that gardening can have on the setting. This may embrace utilizing sustainable gardening strategies reminiscent of composting, lowering or eliminating the usage of artificial pesticides and fertilizers, and conserving water.

Nevertheless it additionally means being extremely selective in regards to the vegetation you select to make use of in your panorama. Planting native species, that are tailored to the native local weather and soil circumstances, is a vital facet of earth-friendly gardening. Utilizing decorative vegetation which are really low-maintenance or present beneficial assets to wildlife is an alternative choice for gardening in a greener method. It’s additionally important to the planet as a complete to guard uncommon and endangered species which are beneath risk of their native areas.Can vegetation really save the planet? The presenters of this three-part course suppose so, and they’re going to share precisely why and the way they suppose you’ll be able to assist make that occur.

The course contains over 3 hours of video classes.


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