The most effective weapons and weapons in Starfield – and easy methods to get them

Whereas there are numerous alternatives to speak your method out of a probably hostile scenario in Starfield, there are additionally numerous encounters the place violence is the one reply, and for these you’ll want the greatest weapons.

Not like with Starfield’s greatest ships — the place you’ll have to rank up the Piloting talent earlier than you possibly can even use them — there are not any prerequisite expertise you want earlier than you should use the greatest weapons. That stated, expertise will help. You possibly can can enhance your effectivity with numerous weapons varieties by getting numerous expertise within the Fight talent tree; particularly, many weapons profit from funding within the Ballistics talent.

It’s value making an allowance for that apart from the distinctive weapons listed right here, most simple weapons may be improved by the addition of mods. It’s also possible to discover pre-modded variations of primary weapons, a lot of which go toe to toe with the distinctive weapons we’ve listed right here. However should you’re trying to monitor down a assured dependable arsenal, listed below are the greatest weapons in Starfield.

The Finest Weapons in Starfield

Many standard-issue weapons in Starfield — just like the Tombstone and Beowulf assault rifles — are efficient, and are much more so once you discover modded variations. However distinctive weapons are a minimize above the remainder, and comprise the vast majority of our suggestions. At a look, listed below are the most effective weapons in Starfield:

  • Sir Livingstone’s Pistol
  • Magshot
  • Experiment A-7
  • Gallow’s Attain
  • The Final Priest
  • Huge Bang
  • Eternity’s Gate

Learn on to see why we’ve narrowed these down as the most effective weapons in Starfield, and how one can get your arms on them.

Sir Livingstone’s Pistol

A menu shows the design and stats for Sir Livingstone’s Pistol, one of the best guns in Starfield.

Picture: Bethesda Recreation Studios/Bethesda Softworks through Polygon

Weapon kind: Pistol
Learn how to get it: Reward from mother and father

It might seem to be an odd option to kick off an inventory of the most effective weapons in Starfield with maybe essentially the most primary pistol you’ve ever seen, however this is a superb alternative for anybody who picks the Child Stuff trait at the beginning of the sport. After you’ve performed a primary mission or two — and when you’ve met your mother and father for the primary time and informed them you’re a part of Constellation now — they’ll present up uninvited at The Lodge after Noel lets them in. Your dad will current Sir Livingstone’s Pistol to you as a present.

There’s nothing too particular about this gun, apart from it being a really dependable sidearm that does a good quantity of harm when you’re nonetheless at a reasonably low stage — principally as a result of it’s outfitted with a compensator, giant journal, and high-velocity ammo by default. It does use .45 caliber rounds, although, which aren’t essentially the most frequent to come upon, so chances are you’ll have to top off at a vendor once in a while.


A menu shows the design and stats for the Magshot, one of the best weapons in Starfield.

Picture: Bethesda Recreation Studios/Bethesda Softworks through Polygon

Weapon kind: Pistol
Learn how to get it: Loot

By far the most effective primary pistol I’ve used within the recreation, the Magshot is basically a futuristic revolver that may kill many widespread enemies with one shot. It’s the definition of a hand cannon and, in lieu of Starfield not having many glorious long-range weapons, any Magshot pistol can primarily double as a rifle.

There’s a distinctive model of the Magshot known as Trickshot, which is acquired by looting a fallen mech through the United Colonies faction mission “Conflict Relics.” The Trickshot’s particular perk is that each fourth shot fires two bullets without delay. If you will get the Trickshot, it’s undoubtedly the most effective Magshot accessible, however any Magshot shall be a worthy addition to your arsenal.

Experiment A-7

A menu shows the design and stats for Experiment A-7, one of the best guns in Starfield.

Picture: Bethesda Recreation Studios/Bethesda Softworks through Polygon

Weapon kind: Shotgun
Learn how to get it: Go a persuasion test throughout the principle mission “Entangled”

The Experiment A-7 shotgun is so good, it’s a marvel that it’s really easy to accumulate. Pretty late in the principle story, you’ll play one of the crucial compelling missions in the whole recreation, “Entangled.” Whenever you part behind Ethan in his safety workplace, you possibly can ask him if he has any instruments for coping with the aliens. Go a persuasion test and he’ll present you Experiment A-7, the strongest shotgun I’ve had the pleasure of utilizing.

This distinctive shotgun offers 131 harm and already comes with six out of eight mods put in, together with a reflex sight, tactical inventory, totally automated firing, and flechette rounds. It additionally has the Exterminator perk, which offers +30% harm in opposition to aliens — a no brainer given the context during which you obtain the weapon — however don’t let that idiot you, as this shotgun is greater than appropriate to cope with human foes too.

Gallow’s Attain

A menu shows the design and stats for Gallow’s Reach, one of the best guns in Starfield.

Picture: Bethesda Recreation Studios/Bethesda Softworks through Polygon

Weapon kind: Rifle
Learn how to get it: Loot from Captain Petrov’s vault on The Scow ship

There’s nothing higher than a trusty AK-47. Gallow’s Attain is the distinctive model of the Previous Earth Assault Rifle, which isn’t a nasty weapon by itself, however the distinctive providing blows it out of the water. Whenever you’re on The Scow throughout the principle mission “No Sudden Strikes,” you could get into Captain Petrov’s private quarters. That is simply performed after you steal the artifact and shoot Petrov sufficient to the purpose the place he calls off his guards. Then you possibly can wander spherical The Scow, looting something you please. Gallow’s Attain is in Captain Petrov’s room, in a locked protected.

What makes Gallow’s Attain so good is the Poison perk. It “randomly offers poison harm and slows the goal,” making it the best choice when coping with high-level enemies that take extra than simply a few pictures to go down. Moreover, it comes filled with 5 mods, together with armor-piercing rounds, an ergonomic grip, and a reflex sight.

The Final Priest

A menu shows the stats and design for The Last Priests, one of the best weapons in Starfield.

Picture: Bethesda Recreation Studios/Bethesda Softworks through Polygon

Weapon kind: Melee
Learn how to get it: Full the “Infinity’s Finish” aspect quest and perform The Hunter’s orders

This may’t be an inventory of the most effective weapons with out a melee possibility, so to that finish, we now have The Final Priest. This one isn’t accessible to everybody — you could aspect with The Hunter over The Emissary throughout “Unearthed,” which gives you the hunt “Infinity’s Finish.” With out spoiling an excessive amount of, The Hunter will ask you to do one thing. You possibly can both do it. Or, you cannot do it however go a persuasion test with The Hunter afterward telling him you did do it. Both of those choices will get you The Final Priest as a reward.

There’s not an excessive amount of to say about The Final Priest apart from the truth that it has excessive harm and the Elemental perk, which does a variety of heavy lifting. Elemental “randomly offers corrosive, radiation, poison, and incendiary harm,” for an actual cocktail of enjoyable. Excellent for anybody doing a melee-only playthrough.

[Ed. note: Spoilers follow for Starfield.]

Huge Bang

A menu shows the stats and design for the Big Bang, one of the best weapons in Starfield.

Picture: Bethesda Recreation Studios/Bethesda Softworks through Polygon

Weapon kind: Particle beam shotgun
Learn how to get it: Loot the ahead working base through the “Hostile Intelligence” mission

If you happen to be a part of up with the United Colonies faction, the “Hostile Intelligence” quest — which comes eight missions into the hunt line — will ship you to Londinium. It’s a reasonably self-contained space… that simply so occurs to be stuffed with Terrormorphs — extensively held up because the hardest enemies within the recreation. Firstly of the mission, you’ll be capable of loot a number of the heaviest ordinance in Starfield. In our testing, that features Huge Bang shotgun.

Look: This factor is highly effective sufficient to take down Terrormorphs. If it may possibly do that, it may possibly do principally something. Higher but, it offers each bodily and power harm, making it efficient in opposition to just about all enemy varieties. Despite the fact that the Huge Bang is pretty heavy for a shotgun, clocking in at 7kg, it’s value it.

Eternity’s Gate

The player speaks to The Emissary in Starfield

Picture: Bethesda Recreation Studios/Bethesda Softworks through Polygon

Weapon kind: Particle beam rifle
Learn how to get it: Defeat The Emissary on the finish of “Revelation”

Lastly, we now have arguably the most effective weapon in the whole recreation, Eternity’s Gate. Once more, this one requires siding with The Hunter in “Unearthed,” after which, once you ultimately make it to the standoff in opposition to The Emissary through the “Revelation” mission, you could defeat them. There’s an possibility to finish this peacefully by passing a persuasion test — which is the route I foolishly took the primary time round — however doing so signifies that you gained’t obtain Eternity’s Gate, so bear that in thoughts.

Eternity’s Gate is a legendary particle beam rifle that has three perks and 6 mods, all of which mix to make this weapon a power to be reckoned with. Just like the aforementioned Trickshot, the fourth shot of Eternity’s Gate fires two projectiles without delay. As well as, the rifle has unstable rounds that pack an even bigger punch (although they do have the prospect to fail), and it does +10% harm in opposition to people. It’s value noting that siding with The Emissary and defeating The Hunter does supply a counterpart to Eternity’s Gate — a legendary laser rifle known as Unmitigated Violence — however we discovered Eternity’s Gate to be barely higher.

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