Learn how to Develop Senecio Radicans Indoors

Botanical Identify: Senecio radicans

String of Bananas plant provides whimsy to any room. This eye-catching houseplant appears to be like simply because it sounds, with banana-shaped leaves, rising alongside slender stems. It is certain to get compliments from passers-by, plus it is simply plain enjoyable to have round.

Need extra? String of Bananas care is very easy, it simply could spoil you for anything.

string of bananas plantSenecio radicans appears to be like much more gorgeous close-up. Picture © Vadim Lerner

What to Know About Your String of Bananas

Given sufficient daylight, this unique succulent is a vigorous grower. Its trailing stems can attain 3 ft (90 cm), rapidly cascading over the facet of a pot. If lengthy stems change into straggly, you’ll be able to minimize them off. Poke wholesome stem tip cuttings again into the soil to create a full, lush houseplant. (See propagation suggestions under.)

Wish to make your String of Bananas department out? Merely minimize off a stem wherever and it will develop a number of stems from the place it was minimize. You may get a fuller plant this manner.

A relative of the String of Pearls plant, this plant has comparable rising circumstances. Nonetheless, many individuals have advised me they discover String of Bananas simpler to develop. I do know its stems are thicker, in all probability making this succulent extra drought-tolerant.

Showcase its charming, trailing stems by potting this succulent houseplant in a dangling basket.

string of bananas plant, hanging string of bananasHanging String of Bananas succulent makes a fun-to-grow houseplant. Picture © Katkami

String of Bananas Issues, Options, and Solutions

Make it bloom. Preserve String of Bananas plant cool (55-60°F/13-16°C) in winter. Reduce on watering in the course of the winter months, however do not permit the potting combine to dry out fully. These cool, dry circumstances could promote blooming in winter. And the flowers are spectacular — white, fluffy blooms seem on upright stems.

Questioning whether or not to repot? Repotting String of Bananas is required solely each couple years. Spring or summer time is one of the best time to repot, when this succulent begins its most vigorous development. Do not use a pot that is too massive — go up one dimension (e.g., from a 4-in pot to a 6-in pot). Why? A pot that is too massive will maintain an excessive amount of water, presumably killing this succulent. When repotting, maintain the crown of the plant on the identical soil stage because it was within the outdated pot — the stems will rot if they’re buried. Use a sandy combine for quick drainage and a pot with drainage holes.

One thing bugging your houseplant? Look ahead to mealybugs — tiny, cotton-like pests that conceal alongside stems. They suck sap from the stems, weakening the plant then secrete a sticky substance referred to as honeydew. Isolate any infested houseplant instantly to forestall them from invading your different vegetation, then deal with your houseplant to do away with them.

String of Bananas plant turning brown? It is probably getting an excessive amount of scorching, direct daylight. Preserve your plant away from direct solar publicity.  

Is it toxic? No — String of Bananas plant is secure to have round cats and canine. In fact, you do not need your pet chewing on this plant — another excuse to hold it up.

Shopping for Tip

You may discover String of Bananas on the market at some backyard facilities and on-line nurseries. This succulent grows rapidly, so you should purchase a small plant.

String of Bananas Plant Care

Origin: South Africa

Top: Trails to three ft (90 cm)

Gentle: Vivid oblique gentle year-round. Senecio radicans will tolerate some direct solar if temperatures aren’t excessive. String of Bananas could survive in decrease gentle ranges, however the “bananas” will likely be small and plant development will likely be sluggish.

Water:  Water String of Bananas plant completely in the course of the rising season (spring by fall), then permit the highest couple inches (5 cm) of the potting combine to dry out earlier than watering once more. Restrict water in winter, watering simply sufficient to forestall the potting medium from drying out. Shriveled “bananas” are an indication that the soil is just too dry. Give it a great drink, however take care to not overwater. This succulent won’t tolerate soggy soil, which might result in root rot.

Humidity: Common room (about 40% relative humidity) will swimsuit this easy-to-please houseplant. And dry air will not harm it.

Temperature: Heat spring by fall (70-80°F/21-27°C). In winter, cool (55-60°F/13-16°C). Wish to transfer String of Bananas open air for the nice and cozy months? It will probably take the warmth, however maintain it shaded from the recent noon solar in summer time, which is able to burn its foliage.

Soil: Quick-draining potting medium, akin to cactus potting combine. Moist potting medium will probably trigger root rot.

Fertilizer: Feed as soon as a month spring by fall with a liquid or water-soluble fertilizer specifically made for succulents. I take advantage of half the quantity really useful on the package deal. String of Bananas plant is not a heavy feeder.

Propagation: Take 4 in (10 cm) stem tip cuttings in spring or summer time and insert them in moist potting medium. Press them into the potting combine till the leaves are nearly coated. Preserve the medium flippantly moist. They’ll root rapidly from the axils the place the leaves are connected to the stem.

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