ESP32 Drives Tiny FM Radio

At the same time as music streaming providers and podcast apps dominate most of our listening time, it’s nonetheless a fantastic thought to maintain a radio available, if for nothing else than in emergency conditions. In spite of everything, blizzards, hurricanes, and different pure disasters can shortly take out each dwelling and cellular Web entry. For those who’d prefer to have an FM radio with absolutely the smallest footprint, check out this one constructed round an ESP32.

Whereas the radio makes use of the ESP32 as the primary management board hosted by a TTGO T-Show board which provides a 1.14 inch ST7789V IPS panel, it additionally makes use of the TEA5767 chip for dealing with the FM radio indicators. As [Volos Projects] has it programmed, the ESP32 shops 5 preset channels which might be toggled utilizing two buttons on the backside of the system. There’s additionally some circuitry to deal with output to headphones or a stereo.

For making the radio even smaller, a few of the audio processing could possibly be accomplished on the ESP32 as a substitute, though its a lot less complicated to take a barely bigger footprint and offload this to an audio processing chip. Because the supply code for this challenge is open, modifications could possibly be accomplished together with including search/tune performance as a substitute of relying solely on presets. For those who’re not constructing this for emergencies, although, and your whole space is dominated by cookie cutter corporate-owned radio stations, an ESP32 with an web connection is nice for accessing higher radio stations around the globe.

Due to [Peter] for the tip!

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