How To Propagate Ponytail Palm Crops

The Ponytail Palm is starting to achieve quite a lot of reputation, and with its distinctive look, it’s no surprise why! Propagating this unique plant is a good way to fill your house with extra lovely vegetation, or a approach to share your love of houseplants with others. Studying the way to propagate these vegetation could be an thrilling enterprise that’s each rewarding and straightforward to do, so let’s get began!

Strategies of Propagating Ponytail Palms

There are three foremost strategies for propagating ponytail palms: pup division, stem cuttings, and by germinating seeds. Every technique provides you with a wonderful new Ponytail Palm with the appropriate directions and care.

Pup Division

Pup division is without doubt one of the best and only strategies of propagating ponytail palm vegetation. This technique includes separating the offshoots or “pups” that develop on the base of a longtime plant and replanting them in a brand new container. To determine a pup, search for small offsets that seem close to the bottom of your ponytail palm.

Stem Cuttings

Stem slicing propagation is precisely what it seems like. You narrow a stem off of the dad or mum plant, and use the stem to create a completely new plant. These vegetation will usually be genetically similar to one another.


Seeds are one other approach to propagate ponytail palms, and it’s identical to rising some other plant from seed. Nonetheless, it’s necessary to notice that this technique isn’t generally used as it will possibly take as much as a yr or extra for the seeds to germinate.

Greatest Time To Propagate Ponytail Palms

The perfect time to propagate ponytail palms is in the course of the spring and early summer time months. That is when the plant is actively rising, and it’ll have a greater probability of survival after going by means of the propagation course of. With that being mentioned, so long as you observe correct care methods, you may propagate your ponytail palm at any time of yr.

Learning how to propagate ponytail palm plants can be an exciting venture that's both rewarding and easy to do, so let's get started!

Step-by-Step Information To Propagating by Division

Right here’s a easy step-by-step information on the way to propagate ponytail palms by division. Getting ready your plant and your workspace will all the time come first, so we’ll begin there.

Getting Ready

Earlier than propagating your ponytail palm, it is very important be totally ready. It will be certain that the method goes easily and efficiently, and also you aren’t scrambling for provides whereas in the course of the method.

First, collect the provides listed under, and ensure to wash every of them. Then lay them out, ideally on a towel or a plastic protecting to maintain your workspace clear. From right here, try to be prepared to start your propagation!

Instruments and Gear Record

Pot Sort and Measurement

Select a pot to your new Ponytail Palm that’s 4-6 inches in diameter. That is sufficiently small that you simply gained’t danger overwatering your delicate new plant, however large enough to accommodate the brand new plant’s development all through the primary 8-12 months. One of the crucial necessary elements when choosing a pot is discovering one with good drainage. These with inbuilt water trays are usually not usually really helpful, solely as a result of it’s tough to know when you have to empty any standing water on the backside of it.


The kind of soil you employ when propagating ponytail palm vegetation is essential to their success. These vegetation favor well-draining, sandy soils which can be wealthy in vitamins. Keep away from utilizing heavy, clay-like soils that may retain an excessive amount of moisture and trigger the plant’s roots to rot. Go for an indoor potting soil with loads of natural matter to assist your plant thrive in its first few months after planting.


First, put together the pot that your newly propagated plant will dwell in.

Pup Propagation Step-by-Step

  1. Fastidiously take away the pup from the mom plant utilizing a clear, sharp knife or pruning shears. Be certain that to keep away from slicing into any roots throughout this course of as it will possibly injury each vegetation.
  2. Dip the underside of the pup (the place you chop it from the mom plant) in rooting hormone.
  3. Plant the pup in its personal pot of soil.
  4. Water the soil, and maintain it semi-moist.
  5. Watch the plant carefully for a couple of weeks, being cautious to note indicators of rot forming the place the pup meets the soil.

Propagation by Cuttings Step-by-Step

  1. Choose a wholesome stem from the mom plant that’s no less than 4 inches lengthy and has no indicators of harm or illness.
  2. Use clear shears to make a clear reduce just under a leaf node and take away any decrease leaves on the slicing, leaving solely two or three on the high.
  3. Dip the reduce finish of the slicing in rooting hormone.
  4. Place your slicing it into moist soil in your ready pot.
  5. Water the soil and let the surplus water drain from the underside.
  6. Watch the plant carefully for a couple of weeks, being cautious to note indicators of rot forming on the stem the place it does into the soil.

Care After Propagation

Correct care of your newly propagated plant will be certain that it continues to develop and thrive. Observe this straightforward care information to be taught extra about the way to care to your Ponytail Palm within the delicate few months after it has been propagated.

Gentle And Place

Ponytail palms require quite a lot of brilliant however oblique daylight for optimum development. It will assist in the event you positioned your newly propagated plant in an space that receives no less than six hours of daylight every day. Keep away from exposing your ponytail palm to direct daylight as this may trigger leaf scorching and different injury, which might probably kill a newly propagated plant.

Ensure you place your plant in a spot with sufficient air flow for correct air circulation across the leaves and stem. It will forestall fungal infections from creating in your new plant, and permit it to develop all through the entire rising season.

Temperature & Humidity

Ponytail palm vegetation are native to arid areas, which implies they like a heat and dry surroundings. A temperature vary of 60-85°F is right for these vegetation to thrive. Nonetheless, they’ll tolerate temperatures as little as 50°F and as excessive as 100°F, simply not for lengthy intervals of time.

Humidity ranges ought to be reasonable – not too dry nor too humid – to permit wholesome development of the brand new plantlets. Excessive humidity may cause fungal ailments whereas very low humidity can result in extreme water loss by means of evaporation from the leaves. Intention to maintain the humidity round your plant—particularly a newly propagated one— round 30-50%.

Soil Sort

POnytail Palms favor well-draining soil that doesn’t retain water for too lengthy. Most indoor potting mixes might be simply high quality for this plant, so long as there’s a steadiness between natural matter and media that may enable for good drainage.

Keep away from utilizing heavy soils like clay as they have a tendency to carry moisture for longer intervals, resulting in root rot. Additionally keep away from utilizing sand-heavy soils, which is able to solely enable a lot of the water to empty proper by means of, not holding any of it for the roots to entry. Be happy to experiment with the steadiness between various kinds of potting soil to seek out the appropriate combination to your plant.


It’s greatest to water your Ponytail Palm solely when the highest layer of soil feels dry to the contact. It will forestall extra moisture from accumulating within the pot, and can maintain your newly propagated plant from having to combat off fungus or root rot.

If you water your plant, maintain it mild till a superb root system takes place. You might must water extra usually simply to make sure your plant is getting well-established in its pot with out overwhelming it with an excessive amount of water. As soon as a strong root system is established, you may saturate the whole root ball till water flows out from the drainage holes on the backside of the pot. Then enable all extra water to empty away earlier than putting it again on its saucer or ornamental container.

ponytail palm plant food fertilizer


Ponytail Palms are usually not heavy feeders, however they nonetheless want some vitamins to thrive. Making use of a balanced plant meals is important for the wholesome development of Ponytail Palm vegetation. Utilizing a plant meals will give your plant the vitamins it wants in smaller doses, giving your newly propagated plant a greater probability to regulate to the added vitamins.

Propagating Ponytail Palms is a good way to fill your house with loads of lovely vegetation, and now you’ll be capable to develop as many palms as you need!

FAQs Ponytail Palms

Can I reduce the highest off my ponytail palm?

Completely! In actual fact, pruning is important for sustaining its enticing form and dimension over time. Nonetheless, make certain to not take away an excessive amount of of the foliage without delay as it could trigger stress or injury to the plant.

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