Why Does My Arrowhead Plant Have Yellow Leaves

Is your arrowhead plant trying a little bit lackluster? Yellow leaves in your stunning plant don’t do a lot for its look, however don’t fret! You’re not alone. Many arrowhead plant homeowners have encountered this situation in some unspecified time in the future of their gardening journey. So why precisely do these vibrant crops begin to flip yellow, and extra importantly, how are you going to repair it? Let’s discover out!

Why Does My Arrowhead Plant Have Yellow Leaves

It may be fairly overwhelming to attempt to determine precisely why your Arrowhead’s leaves are turning yellow, however fortuitously, there are a number of frequent causes that it occurs. Beneath are a number of the most typical causes that your plant’s leaves may flip yellow, and how one can repair the issue so your plant can get again to producing stunning inexperienced foliage.

1) Watering Points

Correct watering is essential for the well being of your arrowhead plant. Overwatering or underwatering can each result in yellow leaves. Arrowhead crops desire barely moist soil, however they don’t like to sit down in both dry or waterlogged circumstances.


Underwatering will be detrimental to your plant’s well being, and one of many first indicators of underwatering is yellowing, dry leaves. For those who discover your arrowhead plant’s leaves turning yellow and feeling dry or crispy, it could want extra water.

Examine the moisture degree of the soil by sticking your finger or a moisture meter into the soil – if it feels dry or reads as a low degree of moisture, then it’s time to offer your plant a drink. When a plant’s soil is admittedly dry, it’s advisable to bottom-water the plant, permitting it to take in as a lot water because it wants.

To do that, place your plant’s pot (with drainage holes) inside a bowl or sink crammed with a number of inches of water. Depart it there for about half-hour, checking the soil each 10 minutes or so. As soon as you are feeling moist soil nearer to the roots, your plant has possible had sufficient to “drink” and will be taken out of the water to empty the surplus moisture. Hold an in depth eye in your plant for a number of days to find out if it wants one other soak to get well from being under-watered.


Overwatering will be simply as dangerous on your Arrowhead plant. One of many first indicators of frequent overwatering is droopy, delicate leaves. When the soil round a plant’s roots is consistently soggy, it does a few issues. First, it leaves no room for air to get to the roots, ravenous them of the oxygen they should carry as much as the plant. Subsequent, it creates the right setting for dangerous micro organism to develop, which might additional harm your stunning plant.

To repair overwatering points, you’ll want to repot your plant in new soil, and examine the roots for indicators of rot. If any rot is current, you’ll must prune it off earlier than potting it up in new soil. Reduce your watering schedule, and preserve an in depth eye in your plant within the few weeks after repotting it. It is going to be extra prone to root rot if you happen to proceed overwatering it after this!

2) Lack of Humidity

One other doable cause for yellowing leaves may very well be an absence of humidity within the air. Arrowhead crops are native to tropical areas the place they thrive in excessive humidity environments. When grown indoors, nevertheless, the dry air could cause their leaves to lose moisture and switch yellow. A scarcity of humidity makes it troublesome for the crops to retain satisfactory moisture by means of their leaves, resulting in dehydration and stress, leading to yellowing foliage.

To treatment this situation, attempt growing the humidity round your arrowhead plant. You are able to do this by putting a humidifier close to the plant or making a humidity tray crammed with water subsequent to or beneath its pot. Simply don’t let the pot sit within the water as this might result in waterlogged soil. Grouping a number of houseplants collectively can even assist create a microclimate of upper humidity.

3) Poor Mild Circumstances

As they’re tropical, Arrowhead crops thrive in vivid, oblique mild, and if they aren’t receiving sufficient mild, their leaves can flip yellow. In case your arrowhead plant is positioned in a darkish nook or far-off from a window, it will not be getting enough daylight. Lack of pure mild can hinder the plant’s capacity to photosynthesize and produce power, which might manifest as yellowing leaves.

To repair this situation, attempt transferring your arrowhead plant to a brighter location with oblique daylight. Keep away from putting it in direct daylight as this could scorch its delicate foliage. For those who discover that the yellowing solely happens on one aspect of the plant, rotate it commonly to make sure all components obtain equal publicity to mild.

In some instances, synthetic lighting comparable to fluorescent lights or develop lights can even present satisfactory illumination for Arrowhead crops. Think about supplementing pure mild with these synthetic sources if obligatory.

4) Temperature Modifications

One of many doable the explanation why your arrowhead plant is growing yellow leaves is because of temperature adjustments. Sudden drops or will increase in temperature could cause stress to the plant, resulting in leaf discoloration, and it’s necessary to repair the problem earlier than the plant will get too pressured.

Throughout colder months, be certain that your Arrowhead plant is just not uncovered to drafts or chilly air from home windows or doorways. This sudden change in temperature can shock the plant and lead to yellowing leaves. Equally, extreme warmth can even have a unfavorable influence in your arrowhead plant. Putting it close to heating vents or radiators can dry out the foliage and trigger it to show yellow.

To stop temperature-related leaf points, attempt sustaining a constant room temperature on your arrowhead plant. Keep away from putting it close to any excessive sources of warmth or chilly drafts. You might additionally use a thermometer close to the plant to maintain a more in-depth eye on the temperature instantly round your plant.

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5) Nutrient Deficiencies

Nutrient deficiencies is usually a frequent reason behind yellow leaves in Arrowhead crops, as effectively. These tropical beauties require a well-balanced eating regimen to thrive and preserve their lush inexperienced foliage, and when important vitamins are missing, the plant might present indicators of misery. You’ll realize it’s a nutrient deficiency in case your plant simply appears to look sort of uninteresting and also you’ve dominated out every other doable causes of the yellowing leaves.

To rectify nutrient deficiencies, fertilize your Arrowhead plant commonly. It’s recommended to make use of a plant meals that’s given with every watering to make sure your plant has a gradual provide of vitamins always. Additionally, monitor the soil pH degree as some vitamins might turn into much less obtainable if the pH is just too excessive or low. Purpose for between a 5.5-6.5 pH degree.

6) Pest Infestations

A pest infestation is just not one thing that any plant guardian desires to see, and sadly, it’s some of the frequent causes of yellowing leaves. These tiny intruders can wreak havoc in your plant, inflicting it to turn into weak and unhealthy.

Frequent pests which will assault your arrowhead plant embrace spider mites, aphids, and mealybugs. These bugs feed on the sap of the leaves, which might result in discoloration and wilting.

To establish in case your plant has been invaded by pests, fastidiously study the undersides of the leaves for webbing or small crawling bugs. You might also discover sticky residue or tiny chunk marks on the foliage.

For those who uncover an infestation, take speedy motion to eradicate these pests. Begin by isolating the affected plant to forestall additional unfold. Relying on the severity of the infestation, you need to use natural insecticidal cleaning soap or neem oil spray as pure treatments.

7) Spent Leaves

Arrowhead crops shed older leaves as they develop and produce new ones. These spent leaves flip yellow or brown earlier than falling off naturally. It’s much like how bushes lose their leaves within the fall. So if you happen to discover just a few yellow leaves right here and there, don’t fret! It’s simply your arrowhead plant making room for recent progress.

Nevertheless, if you happen to’re seeing an extreme quantity of yellowing or browning leaves , it may very well be an indication of different points comparable to those talked about above, so undergo the entire prospects earlier than deciding that the yellowing leaves in your Arrowhead plant are simply outdated, spent leaves.

Eradicating Yellow Leaves on Arrowhead Crops

To take away the yellowing leaves, you’ll want sharp, clear pruning shears and one thing to scrub and sanitize the pruning shears. After you have got your pruning shears, merely establish the issue areas and lower the leaves off from the purpose they connect with the stem. If the stem itself seems prefer it’s starting to yellow, it’s possible you’ll need to do some extra intensive pruning.

Eradicating the yellowing leaves out of your plant is necessary to assist your plant get well sooner from no matter is inflicting the leaves to discolor. The sooner your plant can get well from the foundation trigger, the sooner it can start to bounce again and produce new foliage.

Can Yellow Leaves Be Saved

Relying on the severity of the discoloration and the trigger, it’s really doable to avoid wasting yellowing leaves. A scarcity of daylight that causes yellow leaves is well mounted by giving the plant extra pure or synthetic mild. A plant that’s missing vitamins might get well the inexperienced shade within the leaves if the issue is addressed on the first signal of discoloration, however it’s not assured.

Whatever the trigger, if the leaf is totally yellow, then it could not get well in any respect and can must be pruned off. Sadly, these are the one causes during which the yellow leaf might flip inexperienced once more. Diseased leaves, leaves affected by pests or any of the opposite causes usually create a everlasting discoloration of the leaves.

Whereas it’s not at all times doable to avoid wasting each single yellow leaf on an arrowhead plant, addressing the underlying points promptly and offering correct care will enhance its general well being, forestall additional leaf discoloration, and permit your Arrowhead plant to proceed producing wholesome, inexperienced leaves.

Stopping Yellow Leaves on my Arrowhead Plant?

Now, it’s time to take preventive measures to make sure your plant stays wholesome and vibrant. Listed here are a number of ideas that will help you preserve these leaves inexperienced:

  1. Watering: Be aware of your watering routine and keep away from overwatering or underwatering your arrowhead plant. Hold the soil constantly moist however not waterlogged.
  2. Humidity: Enhance humidity round your plant by misting its leaves commonly or putting a tray of water close by. Think about using a humidifier if the air in your house is especially dry.
  3. Mild circumstances: Make sure that your arrowhead plant receives satisfactory oblique daylight all through the day, however keep away from exposing it to direct daylight which might scorch its delicate foliage.
  4. Temperature: Hold your arrowhead plant in an setting with constant temperatures between 60-75°F. Keep away from putting it close to drafty home windows or vents that may trigger temperature fluctuations.
  5. Nutrient deficiencies: Present common fertilization to produce important vitamins for wholesome progress. Use a balanced plant meals in line with bundle directions through the rising season.
  6. Pest prevention: Often examine your Arrowhead plant for any indicators of pests comparable to spider mites, mealybugs, or aphids. If detected, deal with them promptly with acceptable natural pesticides or pure treatments.

Do not forget that every particular person case might range relying on components like local weather circumstances and general care routine particular to every grower’s state of affairs. So keep observant in the direction of any adjustments in leaf coloration in order that early intervention may very well be made! Glad gardening!

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