The Pollen Sacs are Lacking on My African Violet Flowers. What Occurred?

Pollen sacs are all the time current on African violets, proper? Not all the time. Have you ever seen one with out them? Would you even discover? What occurred to them? Aren’t they essential?

Pollen sacs on an African violet
This African violet has pollen sacs like most violets

What Are Pollen Sacs?

The yellow components in the midst of an African violet are the male reproductive components of a violet. They’re held up by filaments. (You’ll be able to see these on the perimeters under the yellow sacs within the above image.)

Pollen Sacs Lacking

So why are the sacs lacking on this African violet? Are there causes they wouldn’t be needed?

LooXo 'Delightful' African violet
The yellow pollen sacs are lacking on this LooXo violet

LooXo African violets don’t have any pollen sacs

Optimara, a plant firm in Tennessee, was engaged on these violets for over 10 years earlier than they introduced them to market in 2018.

They launched them to the horticulture world at Domesticate 18′, a big commerce present in Columbus, Ohio. I first noticed them there. I knew after I checked out them that one thing was totally different.

Why no pollen sacs?

So why did they hybridize these violets with no pollen sacs? The largest issue was a tiny insect referred to as the Western Flower Thrip or Frankliniella occidentalis. What does this tiny insect need to do with eradicating the pollen sacs?

spilled pollen from thrips
The pollen sac has been eaten by thrips and the pollen spilled down the petals

In the event you’ve ever bought an African violet that had “powder” on the petals, you could have encountered flower thrips. They love pollen and once they feed on it, the pollen spills out of the sacs and scatters down the petals. In the event you see this within the retailer, preserve transferring.

Optimara made “filantherless” violets

These violets are referred to as “filantherless” violets as a result of they’re lacking the filaments and anthers or the male reproductive organs. This eliminates the flower thrip, but additionally protects the violets from botrytis, a fungus that attacts the flowers. With out the anthers, the flowers last more, giving them an extended shelf life within the shops.

LooXo violet

Why LooXo?

Why are these filantherless violets referred to as LooXo? It’s pronounced “looks-so” and the massive X represents the feminine chromosome and so they x’ed out the male components. When folks noticed them they mentioned they “look so beautiful” or they “look so pleasant” that the identify caught.

The LooXo ‘Beautiful’ under seems to have the yellow sacs, however that’s in actual fact the ovary of the feminine reproductive components.

LooXo Gorgeous
LooXo Beautiful on the 2018 Domesticate present

Are they as enticing?

I’m undecided I like them as a lot because the violets with the yellow facilities. What are your ideas? I really feel just like the yellow facilities provides them added oomph and make them extra enticing. I do just like the one I simply purchased, although.

The brand new LooXo violet revealed on the January 2023 TPIE (Tropical Plant Worldwide Expo) present is ‘Lisa’. What a GREAT identify, proper? And its inexperienced! I would like one and hope I can discover one quickly. Optimara, you’ll be able to ship me one if you wish to……

LooXo 'Lisa' African violet

Have a fantastic week, plant pals!


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