Mortal Kombat 1 Trophies Revealed, Platinum May Take Time

Mortal Kombat 1 trophies have appeared on PSN, revealing what seems to be a comparatively simple (relying on talent) however doubtlessly time-consuming Platinum trophy. There are 51 trophies in complete; just one Gold, 15 Silver, and 34 Bronze trophies other than the Platinum.

Mortal Kombat 1 trophies – full listing

Get the complete Mortal Kombat 1 trophy listing beneath courtesy of PSNProfiles:


  • Kompletionist: Komplete All Trophies


  • What Simply Occurred??: Komplete 100% of Story Mode


  • A New Timeline: Komplete 50% of Story Mode
  • Who Was That???: Full Chapter 15 twice
  • Lethal Murderer: Carry out 20 totally different Fatalities
  • Give A Koin: Spend 10,000 Koins on the Shrine
  • King Slayer: Dethrone a King
  • Rollin’ With My Krew: Komplete Mastery with 5 Kameo Characters
  • Juggernaut: Attain Invasions Stage 20
  • Vanquished: Defeat The Remaining Boss of an Invasions Season
  • Made It Out Alive: Komplete a Survival Encounter
  • Discovered You: Unlock a Secret Combat
  • Excessive Rating, Is That Good?: Get hold of a Whole Rating of 5,000,000 in Gateway Towers
  • Glad Endings: Unlock 10 Tower Endings
  • Large Spender: Spend 10,000 Seasonal Kurrency
  • Whole Disrespect: Carry out a Taunt with out being interrupted throughout a web-based match
  • Thank You For Being a Fan!!!: Watch the Kredits


  • Turn out to be a Ninja in No Time: Komplete the Fundamental Tutorial
  • Eye of the TaiGore: Spend a complete of 1 hour in Observe
  • Titan: Deal 10,000 Injury to opponents
  • Overwhelmed and Damaged: Spill 5,000 pints of blood
  • It Has Begun!!!: Komplete Cage Mansion Tutorial
  • Kontender: Play 5 Kombat League units
  • Karnage: Carry out 10 totally different Brutalities
  • Annihilation: Carry out 10 totally different Kameo Fatalities
  • Making Buddies is Straightforward: Use 10 totally different Kameo Characters
  • Puppet Grasp: Komplete a Klassic Tower with 5 totally different Characters
  • Check Your May: Komplete 5 Distinctive Check Your May Encounters
  • So I Simply Kill Stuff??: Komplete 5 Distinctive Encounters
  • Journey Time: Komplete 25 Distinctive Encounters
  • Buddy System: Komplete Mastery with 1 Kameo Character
  • The place’s Blanche: Commerce for an merchandise from an Outworld Store
  • Take and Deny: Commerce for an merchandise from an Earthrealm Store
  • Final Energy: Use a Talisman
  • Feeling Stronger: Attain Invasions Stage 5
  • Unstoppable: Attain Invasions Stage 10
  • Not So Large Now Are You??: Defeat a Mini Boss in Invasions
  • Who Da Boss??: Defeat a Main Boss in Invasions
  • All the time Decorate: Equip a Relic
  • Kollector: Equip 3 totally different Relics
  • The Mighty Have Fallen: Komplete a Titan Battle
  • ABACABB: Use a Key
  • Make Manner, I’m Koming By way of: Klear an Obstruction in Invasions
  • Cease Hiding: Survive an Ambush
  • Quest Grasp: Komplete 3 Every day Quests
  • Working Extra time: Komplete a Weekly Quest
  • There may be No Information That’s Not Energy: Use 10 Single Use Objects
  • Witness Me!!!: Change your Kombat Kard Participant Module

Mortal Kombat 1 early entry will kick off on September 14.

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