Lil’ Guardsman – New Developer Diary

Journey recreation Lil’ Guardsman from Versus Evil and Hilltop Studios simply acquired a brand new developer diary video. Come test it out!

On this deduction journey, you play as Lil – an unlikely 12-year-old hero – protecting your dad’s shift on the guard shed and are tasked with deciding the destiny of over 100 distinctive characters.

You’ll query people, elves, goblins, cyclopses, and different fantasy creatures utilizing your powers of deduction to find out who to confess or deny based mostly on how they reply to your questions and your trusty instruments. Sending guests to jail, inadvertently zapping them to smithereens, or letting them go on their merry means are all a part of the job. However watch out: who you let by the fort gates will decide the dominion’s destiny.

Lil’ Guardsman Options:

• Fantasy/Comedy Narrative: See the Sprawl and its fantastical & quirky residents by a royal wedding ceremony to considered one of two kingdoms vying for an alliance, and a subsequent siege by whoever you’ve angered within the course of. Your choices can decide the destiny of the town and its folks!

• Interrogation Puzzles: Interrogate 100+ totally voiced characters in simply the fitting approach to earn an ideal rating.
Instruments of the commerce: Spend your hard-earned gold correctly on powering up your guardsman toolkit, and strategically deploy these to confess or deny the fitting folks or…goblins?

• Rewind Time: Use your trusty Chronometer3000 to return and get a better rating… however watch out to not break house and time within the course of.

Lil' Guardsman Review - 1

Lil' Guardsman Review - 2

Lil' Guardsman Review - 3

Lil' Guardsman Review - 4

Lil' Guardsman Review - 5

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