27 Finest Houseplants to Propagate in Water

27 Finest Houseplants to Propagate in Water

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In case you are on the lookout for one of the best houseplants to propagate in water, listed below are 27 vegetation that I’ve propagated through the years. I’ll present you step-by-step with my very own photos, and likewise embrace extra assets on the care of those vegetation. Preserve studying to be taught extra!



1. Aglaonema (Chinese language Evergreen)


Aglaonema, generally often known as Chinese language Evergreen, is a houseplant staple. There are various varieties, and they’re all straightforward to develop. In case your Aglaonema has gotten naked on the backside and also you don’t just like the look, water propagation is an effective strategy to make a brand new plant!

Merely reduce off a cane, stick it water and place it in entrance of a window. It will possibly generally take some time to root, however it’ll occur!

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2. Begonia Maculata


Begonia maculata is a shocking begonia that goes by the widespread identify Polka Dot Begonia for apparent causes. To propagate, merely snip a cane off and place it in water.

You’ll want to get one or two nodes beneath the water line. Nodes are merely the place the leaf meets the primary stem. In case you nonetheless have a leaf on the node, take away the leaf from the underside node of your reducing and place it in water to root.

Try my extra assets on Begonia maculata care and propagation.

3. Coleus


Coleus is without doubt one of the best vegetation ever to propagate. Merely snip some small cuttings and place them in water. For extra detailed info, try my coleus posts:

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4. Fishbone Cactus


The Fishbone Cactus, also called Ric Rac Cactus or Zig Zag Cactus, is an uncommon plant and it’s straightforward to develop in water! Similar to any succulent plant, you’ll wish to enable your cuttings to air dry for a day or two to be able to create a callous the place it was reduce. This helps stop rotting. At that time, you possibly can place your cuttings in water.

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5. Jewel Orchid


Sure, there are different orchids apart from moth orchids! Greater than most individuals notice. And the Jewel Orchid (Ludisia discolor) is a terrestrial plant, so it grows in soil in contrast to many orchids which might be epiphytes like Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, and lots of others.

And higher but, you possibly can simply propagate Jewel Orchids by merely snipping cuttings and rooting them in water.

Merely snip a small reducing, take away the decrease leaf or couple leaves (these are the place the nodes are) and place the nodes beneath water.

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6. Lipstick Plant


Do you know lipstick vegetation are within the African Violet household? Lipstick vegetation are tremendous straightforward to propagate, and within the photograph above, I present how you’d put together your reducing to put in water. Merely snip off a small reducing, take away the decrease couple leaves, and place in water. Make certain the areas the place you took the leaves off are beneath water.

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7. Monstera Adansonii


Monstera adansonii couldn’t be simpler to propagate. Simply snip a couple of cuttings, take away the decrease leaf or two (the place the nodes are) and place the cuttings in a jar of water. Make certain the nodes are beneath water as a result of that is the place the roots will develop from.

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8. Monstera Deliciosa


Whether or not you may have the variegated model, or the plain outdated inexperienced Monstera deliciosa, these vegetation are among the many best to propagate and develop. You may make cuttings of the tip of your vine, or a single node reducing like I present above. Simply be sure the nodes are beneath water.

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9. Peperomia Caperata


Peperomia caperata is so easy to propagate. Merely snip a leaf off like I confirmed in my photograph above and place in water and wait. Quickly after, you will note root formation identical to within the photograph beneath.


Roots will develop first, adopted by small plantlets! Try my useful resource information beneath for extra info:

Peperomia Caperata Care and Propagation

10. Philodendron Brasil


Water propagation of Philodendon ‘Brasil’ is an identical to propagating Pothos vegetation. Essentially the most environment friendly means is to snip single node cuttings that include one leaf and a portion of the vine. Merely snip on both aspect of the vine the place the leaf connected to it. Then place in water and look ahead to rooting.

You can too simply snip longer cuttings with 3 or 4 leaves. Take away the decrease leaf and place the cuttings in water (ensuring that the underside node the place you eliminated the decrease leaf is beneath water).

For extra info, try my information beneath:

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11. Pilea Peperomioides


There are a number of methods to water propagate Pilea peperomioides, generally often known as Chinese language Cash Plant. In case your stem has misplaced its decrease leaves, you possibly can merely snip it and place it water like I present above.

And do you know that you could additionally propagate from single leaves (you do have to chop off a chunk of the stem although).


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12. Pineapple


Do you know that you could develop your personal pineapple from the leafy prime of your grocery retailer fruit? It’s straightforward and enjoyable! And after a couple of years, your plant will even set fruit! I’ve carried out it and have defined all about how one can do it beneath:

Pineapple Propagation Suggestions

13. Philodendron Pink Princess


Within the photograph above, I present you precisely the place to chop your Philodendron Pink Princess Plant above to make your cuttings. Then, you merely stick the node in water and look ahead to rooting to happen. Don’t miss my detailed posts beneath on Pink Princess:

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14. Pothos


Pothos, or Satan’s Ivy, is without doubt one of the best vegetation to water propagate. Single node cuttings like I rooted above gives you extra bang to your buck as a result of every of these small cuttings will kind a brand new vine. However you can also make barely longer cuttings as properly to root in water.

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15. Raindrop Peperomia


At first look, Peperomia polybotrya (Raindrop Peperomia) appears to be like similar to Pilea peperomioides! However you possibly can see that Raindrop Peperomia has some extent on the finish of every leaf. Propagation is simply as easy. Minimize a stem off and place it in water and it’ll root.

I’ve by no means tried propagating this from a single leaf, however my hunch is that it could work too. Try my put up beneath for extra info:

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16. Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma


One other tremendous easy plant to propagate. You need to use the identical technique as Pothos or Monstera to make your cuttings. Try my information beneath for extra element on propagation and care:

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17. Rhipsalis


Rhipsalis are certainly one of my favourite vegetation. They’re straightforward to develop and propagate, and they’re true cacti. However they’re jungle cacti and develop on bushes. Try my propagation information beneath to see how straightforward it’s!

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18. Rubber Plant


No these white spots within the photograph above usually are not mealy bugs. They’re the beginnings of roots. New roots do look just a little bizarre on Ficus vegetation, however as they get longer, they may look extra like roots that you’d count on.

Do you may have a single trunk rubber plant (Ficus elastica) and wish it to department out? You’ll be able to prune your rubber plant to assist it department out after which use the cuttings to propagate. Try the assets beneath:

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19. Peperomia Ruby Cascade


With so many Peperomia sorts on the market, this is without doubt one of the trailing ones and is tremendous straightforward to propagate in water. Merely snip some cuttings, take away among the decrease leaves, and place them in water to root. Learn my information beneath for extra particulars:

Peperomia Ruby Cascade Care and Propagation

20. Schefflera


Has your Schefflera gotten naked on the backside? This will probably be an ideal time to take some cuttings to propagate and begin a brand new plant. Discover out all the small print in my put up beneath:

Tips on how to Propagate Umbrella Plant

21. Snake Plant


In my view, snake vegetation (also called mom in legislation’s tongue) are one of the crucial fascinating vegetation to propagate in water! Sometimes, you’ll see root development first, after which the formation of good little pups such as you see in my hand above!

Many individuals have points with their snake plant cuttings rotting, however haven’t any concern, try my first weblog put up beneath with a step-by-step methodology to achieve success. And also you’ll additionally see another useful snake plant content material that I’ve written for you:

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22. Spider Plant


Spider vegetation will be the best of all to propagate in water. Merely snip a child plant off of the mom’s stolon and place it in water. Typically instances, they have already got small roots if you reduce them off, so they may develop shortly in water. After the roots are about an inch lengthy, you possibly can pot them up into soil, or go away them in water to develop!

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23. String of Hearts


Who doesn’t love String of Hearts? Whether or not you develop the plain inexperienced model, or variegated String of Hearts, they’re straightforward to propagate. For water propagation, merely make a small reducing, take away the decrease leaf or two, and place in water to root.

Tips on how to Propagate String of Hearts

24. Syngonium


Regardless which of the Syngonium varieties you might have, all of them propagate the identical means. My weblog put up beneath reveals how one can propagate your Syngonium, or Butterfly Plant, step-by-step with photographs. I show utilizing a variegated Syngonium.

Tips on how to Propagate Syngonium

25. Tradescantia


There are a couple of styles of Tradescantia, and so they’re all pretty and equally easy to propagate. Try precisely how, with step-by-step directions, in my weblog put up beneath:

Tips on how to Water Propagate Tradescantia

26. ZZ Plant


Do you know that you could propagate ZZ vegetation with a single leaflet? It’s so enjoyable to do! I propagated all of the leaflets within the photograph above in water. Learn how easy it’s by studying by tutorial put up beneath:

Tips on how to Propagate ZZ Plant

27. African Violet


Propagating African Violets is so simple as snipping a leaf off and putting it in water, like I present in my photograph above. First, roots will develop on the finish of the petiole, after which child vegetation will seem! Take a better take a look at the photograph beneath the place you possibly can see two child vegetation rising.


Study extra about African Violet care right here:

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What are your favourite houseplants to propagate in water? Remark beneath. I’d love to listen to!

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