A information To Watering Bromeliad Houseplants

A information To Watering Bromeliad Houseplants

Just a few questions have come my means about this subject, so I wish to share ideas for bromeliad watering, particularly, the best way to water bromeliad crops indoors.

I’ve been rising bromeliads for a few years, each outside and as houseplants. They did fantastically in my Santa Barbara backyard, fortunately rising seven blocks away from the ocean, the place they relished the moisture from the coastal fog. I’ve grown them in my properties in New York Metropolis, San Francisco, and Tucson, the place I presently reside. 

Bromeliad crops are straightforward to look after each indoors and outside. When you’re new to houseplant gardening, you’ll want to give one a go, and also you’ll be hooked very quickly. Regardless that these pineapple relations are native to the tropics and subtropics, they tolerate dry air in our properties simply positive.

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Bromeliad Watering Indoors

A collage of 4 photos of colorful bromeliad plants.
An assortment of gorgeous bromeliads which can be offered within the houseplant commerce.

Bromeliads are native to humid, wet tropical environments. Those I’m referring to right here develop on bushes, items of wooden, and different crops. They acquire vitamins and water by means of the middle reservoir known as a cup, urn, tank, or vase.

These bromeliads don’t develop in soil, and their roots function a method of attachment. Their shallow root methods don’t want common watering. When you preserve the preserve medium soggy, yours will rot out.

Spraying / Misting Bromeliads 

As a result of bromeliads love excessive humidity, misting or spraying is one thing they’d take pleasure in.  A few times every week is okay. I spray mine within the kitchen sink or outside each few weeks. 

Within the winter months and/or in case your mild ranges are low, merely misting or spraying the tank and the leaves each 2-4 weeks is perhaps all of your bromeliad wants concerning watering.

Air Vegetation are one other sort of bromeliad cherished by many. Get Air Plant care ideas right here.

Greatest Water to Use

After all, rainwater is greatest and is what they like. That’s not what most of us use to water our houseplants (me included), and sometimes, faucet water is okay. 

Water high quality can, nonetheless, play an element. If a white ring is increase within the central tank, that signifies excessive mineral content material. 

My faucet water is excessive in minerals. I’ve a tankless R/O system beneath my kitchen sink that remineralizes (with the great things!) for my consuming water. That’s what I take advantage of for watering my indoor crops.

Some folks use spring or distilled water when watering their bromeliads.

Nell Foster stands next to a colorful outdoor bromeliad display.
Hanging out with a bunch of bromeliads rising on a bit of driftwood – their colours make me smile.

Bromeliad Watering in Winter

In winter, the sunshine ranges are decrease, and the air is cooler. Your houseplants, bromeliads included, will want watering much less typically presently.

I water the potting medium each 4-8 weeks presently. As a substitute of protecting the tank midway full, I preserve it a few quarter full. 

Modify the watering schedule/quantities to suit your dwelling’s atmosphere within the winter months. Retaining yours on the drier facet is a lot better than protecting it too moist.

A display of colorful types of bromeliads in a greenhouse.
An assortment of beautiful bromeliads at The Plant Stand. One in all every, please!

How I Water Bromeliads

In a nutshell, the watering routine is simple. Right here’s what I do:

Bromeliads have a small root system. I run water by means of the planting medium, whether or not or not it’s moss, bark, coir, or a bromeliad planting combine. I ensure that all the surplus water runs out of the drainage holes. You don’t need the bottom of the plant to take a seat in water, so ensure that all has drained out earlier than placing it again within the ornamental pot and/or saucer.

I water the planting medium of my bromeliads each 4 weeks within the hotter months. Within the winter, it’s each 6-8 weeks.

Summer season months are highly regarded and dry right here within the Arizona desert. I water the tanks of my bromeliads each 2-4 weeks presently. You’ll more than likely must put water in yours much less typically, relying on the temperatures/humidity.

When you’re not sure of the place the tank is, you’ll be able to see it pictured within the picture straight beneath.  

That tank (cup, urn, or vase) is the core of the bromeliad and is often the middle of the plant. It’s how the plant collects and shops water in nature. I totally flush mine out each 3-4 weeks to forestall any fungus or “funk” from increase. 

After 1-3 flushes, I put a few tablespoons of water within the urn – simply sufficient to maintain it barely moist within the winter. I preserve it about 1/2 to three/4 of the best way full within the hotter months, and it dries out in about 5 days. In your bromeliads, 1/4 of the best way full could also be loads, decided by your environmental circumstances.

I let the water run over the leaves for 10 seconds or so. It cleans the foliage and boosts the moisture and humidity issue, no less than for a couple of minutes!

A watering can with a protracted, skinny neck makes it straightforward to get the water to the place you need it to go. I additionally discover a mister (for spraying) and a squeeze bottle (to get the water within the central tank effectively) turn out to be useful.

Are you curious about bromeliad care ideas? This information gives particulars on rising all the favored varieties of indoor bromeliads.

Close up of the tank of a green & deep pink/grreen neoregelia bromeliad plant.
Right here, you’ll be able to see how a lot water I’ve within the central tank (aka urn, cup, or vase) of my Neoregelia within the cooler, darker months. It’s not very a lot – simply sufficient to maintain it barely moist.
A collage of 2 photos of bromeliad plants being watered in the tank & the other being misted.
On the left is the squeeze bottle with a protracted, skinny neck that I take advantage of to place water within the tank. I like it as a result of the quantity of water getting in can simply be managed. On the appropriate is my favourite plant mister. It’s not too huge, is simple to carry, & nonetheless works like a appeal after three years of use. The bromeliad on the left is a neoregelia & on the appropriate is a cryptanthus.

Good to Know About Watering Bromeliads

Simply realize it’s a lot better to maintain bromeliads indoors on the dry facet fairly than persistently moist. This is applicable to each the soil moisture and the water within the tank. Rot shall be their demise sooner than you’ll be able to say “Aechmea fasciata“!

You wish to flush a bromeliad’s tank out as a result of “funk” can construct up there. That water is stagnant, in spite of everything. In nature, the tropical rains flush out the tanks.

If the middle cup seems to be prefer it had any funk build-up from stagnant water, let it dry out for 2-7 days earlier than placing any water again in.

Bromeliads in small pots (4″) often want watering extra typically than these in 6″ or 8″ pots. 

In case your mild ranges are decrease and when temps are cooler, you’ll wish to preserve the tank dry or nearly dry. Retaining it full in these circumstances can result in rot.

Within the case of the above, merely misting or spraying the tank and the leaves will in all probability be sufficient. And don’t water the planting medium too typically; each 4-8 weeks ought to be loads.

Your bromeliad might have pups (infants) rising off it. After they get large enough, put some water of their tanks, too. 

Bromeliads are vulnerable to excessive contents of salts and minerals in faucet water. You might have to make use of distilled, rain, or filtered water.

Talking of rainwater, when the monsoon season arrives right here in Tucson, I put my bromeliads out to get a pleasant dose of recent water. It cleans them off and totally flushes the cup out, and so they love the clear water. I snatch them again in earlier than the extreme summer time solar comes out as a result of they’d fry in a heartbeat.

We have now a class devoted to bromeliads. You will discover articles on various kinds of bromeliads, propagation, planting, and flowering.

Watering Bromeliads Video Information

Bromeliad Watering FAQs

How typically ought to I water my bromeliad?

I can’t offer you an actual schedule. It depends upon the scale of the bromeliad and your private home’s atmosphere. Use this put up as a information and regulate. Simply bear in mind, I reside within the Arizona desert. After I lived in coastal California, I didn’t water my bromeliads as typically.

How a lot water do you have to give a bromeliad?

It’s laborious to offer an actual amount. See the reply to the primary query!

Are you able to overwater a bromeliad?

Sure, you certain can. Retaining the potting combine persistently moist and the tank filled with water always will result in rot.

Do bromeliads wish to be misted?

They certain do! Their native habitat is the humid tropics. I mist mine a couple of times every week.

Learn how to water bromeliad pups?

When you go away them connected to the mom, the watering of the potting medium is taken care of. As soon as the pups get large enough, you’ll be able to preserve a small quantity of water of their tanks.

When you separate and plant the pups in a brand new pot, you’ll have to water them a bit extra typically whereas they’re establishing.

A red watering can sits next to a red, green & white bromeliad plant. the text reads how I water my bromeliad plants indoors.

Conclusion: There are various opinions concerning bromeliad watering. Some camps say to maintain the urn or tank filled with water, some say to maintain it dry, others say to water the medium each 1-2 weeks, and others say each 1-2 months. 

It may be unclear if you happen to’re new to bromeliads, so I simply wished to share what works for me. And I’m hoping it’ll be just right for you, too. Simply bear in mind to make changes for the season and your private home’s atmosphere.

Bromeliads are colourful, blooming houseplants. You’ll be able to take pleasure in their magnificence at any time of yr!

Blissful gardening,

Signed by Nell Foster

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