Toy Bulldozer Turns into Epic Terrifying Lawnmower

Toy Bulldozer Turns into Epic Terrifying Lawnmower

Common lawnmowers are a superbly positive option to mow your garden, however they could be a bit boring. They’re additionally not at all times the very best at tackling thick brush and bushes. [rctestflight] has an answer to each of these issues, within the type of a plant-munching bulldozer.

The idea is easy — it begins with a hefty miniature RC bulldozer. Weighing in at 27 kilograms (60 kilos), the beast has precise functioning hydraulics to regulate the blade and plow. It struggles considerably with traction, significantly in muddier circumstances, and might’t actually dig a lot, however it nonetheless seems to be the enterprise.

As cool because it was, [rctestflight] determined to make use of it for some actual yard work by outfitting it with a mowing rig. The ‘dozer was outfitted with a pair of sawblades, run by twin brushless motors for loads of grunt. That gave the bulldozer the power to mow by means of not simply garden, however even thick blackberry bushes and two-foot excessive weeds.

It’s not nice at steering, however it’s capable of destroy thick brush with reckless abandon. Basically, it seems to be like a really enjoyable approach to mow an overgrown yard.

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