Attend Your Native Orchid Society Assembly for Tons of Nice Info

Attend Your Native Orchid Society Assembly for Tons of Nice Info

Not too way back, I attended the Ann Arbor Orchid Society assembly. It’s a native orchid society right here in SE Michigan. There are extra, not solely within the space, however the state.

You’ve heard me discuss plan societies earlier than and the way a lot I like them. I’be made a few of my finest mates in these teams and it’s so good to be round individuals who love crops as a lot as you do.

I wished to share with you a number of the info I realized on the assembly. This assembly as an orchid 101 assembly. Bear in mind, these are issues I heard on the orchid assembly. I’m not an orchid skilled and these are the opinions and experiences of the members of the society.

Orchid Society “Present and Inform”

Under are a number of the orchids the members introduced for “present and inform”. They have been so lovely and a few have been even aromatic.

Water and fertilizer

Orchid Society Watering ideas

Kevin was the primary member to share his info, and his topics have been water and fertilizer. One good factor for SE Michigan is that our water is nice for crops. I’ve identified that for a very long time as a result of I water all my crops with it. However, it was good to listen to it from another person.

Kevin advised us that water high quality is essential for our crops. In case you have onerous water it’s okay to make use of it but it surely has excessive calcium and magnesium ranges. Ensure you flush your orchid potting combine usually with rain water or filtered water. This makes positive the minerals don’t harm the plant or its roots.

RO water or reverse osmosis water can also be okay for orchids (my good friend makes use of it) but it surely also needs to be flushed with distilled water usually.

Kevin additionally makes use of a TDS (whole dissolved salts) meter to ensure the salt ranges aren’t too excessive. 100-200 ppm (components per million) are okay in your orchids. It’s good to fertilize, wait half-hour after which flush your potting medium.

Total dissolved salts meter

Orchid society fertilizer ideas

The MSU fertilizer, formulated at Michigan State College is a well-liked fertilizer for orchids. There are three totally different formulations, made for various kinds of water.

Orchid society fertilizer types
Various kinds of fertilizer utilized by the orchid society members

Should you want natural fertilizer, Neptune’s Harvest Rose and Flowering fertilizer is nice. Kevin makes use of it each week, utilizing one capful per gallon of water. One time a month he makes use of Cal Magazine (1/2 cup per gallon), epsom salts, and seaweed fertilizer. If he has orchids which are alkaline lovers, he makes use of backyard lime. He additionally makes use of Superthrive within the spring when repotting his crops.

**I discover I’ve not written down all the precise ammounts used, so I’ll discover out and amend this publish. Bear in mind, NEVER use greater than the label requires.

Orchid society insecticide ideas

The subsequent individual (I didn’t write down his title) talked about bugs and easy methods to management them.


The primary line of protection is to make use of 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol. A mushy toothbrush dipped within the alcohol works effectively to “scrub” off the size or mealybug bugs. Be mild, not scrubbing too onerous.

If alcohol doesn’t work, there are different merchandise to make use of. Utilizing chemical substances on crops in your house is your option to make. These are the suggestions introduced to the group. Bear in mind, these aren’t my suggestions. All the time learn and observe the label.


For mealybugs, Bifenthrin is an effective product. Put it in a sprayer with a few drops of dish cleaning soap, as that may assist it persist with the plant. Spray each couple of weeks till the mealybugs are gone.

bifenthrin insecticide


For scale, particularly on cattleya orchids, Orthene is used.



Benefit is an insecticide which accommodates imidicloprid. This can be utilized for a lot of bugs, however learn the label to ensure it really works in your insect.

Merit insecticide


Thrips is usually a drawback, and a product referred to as spinosad is an effective insecticide for these.

Spinosad insecticide

Neem Oil

Neem oil works effectively as an insecticide, miticide, and fungicide.

Slug bait

Should you discover you could have holes eaten in your orchid leaves, it might be slugs. This may occur outdoors when your crops are out for the summer season. Use a slug and snail killer.


AzaMax is a spinoff of the neem tree. It really works effectively on mites.

AzaMax insecticide


Somtimes, orchids can get illnesses or fungus. The primary line of protection is to sterilize your instruments earlier than and after utilizing them in your crops by wiping them down with alcohol. Use fungicide in case your crops do develop an issue.

Orchid Society Ideas

Generally, orchids can get illnesses or a fungus. The primary line of protection is to sterilize your instruments earlier than and after utilizing them by wiping them down with alcohol. Use fungicide in case your crops do develop an issue.

Orchid Society Ideas

The most important takeaway I had was to ensure your crops are effectively taken care of. If watered effectively, in the suitable mild, and fertilized, you’ll have wholesome crops. Should you don’t have wholesome crops, bugs and illnesses can take maintain extra simply.

Bear in mind, these are ideas and methods I noticed on the assembly. I’ve not tried many of those merchandise. By the appears to be like of lots of the members’ orchids, I will likely be following a few of their instructions.

Do you could have orchids? Do you utilize any of those merchandise? Inform me within the feedback.

Subsequent week, I’ll proceed this with the potting medium and easy methods to rebloom your phalaenopsis.

Have a fantastic week, plant mates!


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